MW1 Watch 'Model 025'

Model 025_39-SR-TN-BK-BK.jpg
Model 025_39-SR-TN-BK-BK.jpg

MW1 Watch 'Model 025'


Elegant with an unobtrusive but distinctive aesthetic, the MW1 watch is both timeless and contemporary.

MW1, the first watch in the Mister Wolf range, is minimal in design but not without character.

With a nod to military style watches of the past in the luminescent hands and calendar movement, the MW1 watch is truly unisex.

The MW1 39mm watch is utilitarian at first glance, but a closer look reveals the timepiece’s intricate detail and quiet design intelligence.

Fine details such as the debossed logo on the crown, raised hour markings, and the beautifully minimal, stitchless leather band make this a covetable design piece for men or women.

MW1 Components

Mister Wolf watches feature a reliable Miyota Quartz movement from Japan, a face conceived in New York, casings manufactured in China, a leather band by a French producer, and of course overall design and assembly in Sydney, Australia.

The MW1 Design Process

The design process was a true collaboration that drew on the individual expertise and experience of Mister Wolf founder Leighton Clarke and industrial designer Tom Fereday.

The duo shares a minimal almost utilitarian aesthetic, a global outlook and an almost obsessive dedication to quality and fine detail, qualities reflected in the design of the MW1 watch.

MW1 is a truly global product with enduring, universal appeal.

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